Kinda Bionic ♦ Host ♦ 2nd Most Curious Person on the Planet

I Ask Guests ‘Why’?

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Hi there!  I’m Elaine Lindsay, a Kinda Bionic PollyAnna.
I love life and all the wonder it holds.

I host the Business Banter Plus TV

I love to find out people’s WHY.

I am the second most curious person on the planet.
(the 1st, of course, is in Texas!)

Join me here to watch and learn Why?
With fascinating people in all walks of life & business.

I want to know what drives passionate people to have large lives.
I want to know why they excel, why they achieve, and why they care.

I like to laugh with people, while learning about them.
On the show guests share their passion, their why, and leave you with some golden nuggets for your business and your life.

I am always meeting new people and making new friends..
Is there someone you know with an incredible story?

Send me an email to  to make a guest suggestion.